Friday, February 17, 2012

What is Meta-Art?

In The Name of The Divinity

Dearest Human Beings,

What is Meta-Art?

Meta-Art is a new paradigm in Art. It is a new paradigm, but paradoxically very ancient too. This paradigm in Art is as old as the world.

The purpose of Art in ancient time was to express the spiritual dimension of the humanity. Because if there is no spirituality in Art, there is no Art.

Spirituality: What does it mean?
By essence, human beings are naturally linked, not only to this world, but also to another World, beyond this world. To be born and to die are the two main events or phenomena which are the two limits or bounds but also the two bridges that connect the Humanity to this World beyond the world: The Meta-World. In the classic Japanese Theater Nogaku能楽there is a bridge, Hashigakari 橋掛, which symbolizes the link between these two worlds.

This world is only a reflection of the Meta-World. A reflection in a mirror will never be the original entity. A dream of a dream is a dream, it is not the reality. The reality of the reality is the reality. In the play written by Calderon de la Barca, La Vida es sueño –Life is a Dream, the confusion between dream and reality is only artificial not real.

The main purpose of the Meta-Art is to deal with the meaning of the life.
The essence of this purpose is to deal with of the meaning of the meaning.
The core of this Essence is to remind the human beings of the Existence of The Divinity.

If Art is an action like any actions in the life of a human being, the intention –which can be under control, of this action is more important than the result –which is out of control, of this action.

Meta-Art is not a new trend in Art or a new movement. Meta-Art is what always Art has been, is, will be and should be: Spirituality in Art, Sacred Art.

In Meta-Art, there is a morality and morals of Art:

1. The Spiritual intention and Spiritual values come first.
2. Meta-Art inspires sincerity, humility, generosity, self-effacement. It is Art beyond Art.
3. The Meta-Art removes the self from the situation to become non-self:
Wuwo无我 /無我 in the Chinese Tradition: Not-Self
Al-Fanaa فناء in the Arabic-Persian Tradition: Dissolution, Annihilation
Anatman अनात्मन् in the Indian Tradition: Not-Self.
To cease to live to begin to exist in order to experience the Otherness, the Alterity, here is what Meta-Art invites us to do.
4. The Meta-Art is asceticism.
5. The Meta-World has an Origin. This Origin is The Divinity. The Meta-Art as Sacred and Spiritual Art reminds the Humanity of the Existence of The Divinity.

What is a Meta-Artwork?

1. A Meta-Artwork cannot be sold.
2. A Meta-Artwork does not require expensive resources to be designed.
3. A Meta-Artwork does not express vulgarity, indecency, provocation, etc.
4. A Meta-Artwork does not need to be officially exhibited in order to exist.
5. A Meta-Work is beyond techniques, styles, etc.

A Meta-Artist has a life that reflects the Spirituality he/she wishes to express:

1. The Meta-Artist has an ascetic life, free of a materialistic and luxury life.
2. The Meta-Artist has limited needs.
3. The Meta-Artist does not promote his/her ego.
4. The Meta-Artist is less important than People and Art.
5. The Meta-Artist does not seek any glory, fame or recognition.
6. The Meta-Artist is an outside artist. Outside and beyond the mainstream.
7. The Meta-Artist is a hidden Artist. Everybody is a hidden artist.
8. The Meta-Artist is unknown.
9. The Meta-Artist is at the service of others.
10. The Meta-Artist inspires others with his/her personality, his/her attitude, his/her actions because the invisible is more important than the visible.

aliens meta-art青松林七贤

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